It is such a sweet feeling, swinging the cane with full force, without holding back, and with no hesitation. The house is empty and no screaming can be heard. The slave knew she had been bad and will not even try to beg for lenience (not even her hug-buddy teddy bear will save her). This time she is tied up properly coz her Owner does not want any disturbance whatsoever during the execution of her punishment. No sweet rattan, no soft leather whip, no nonsense….just an iron strong bamboo stick of just the right weight to land hard, deep and with precision. A beautiful cloud of wellbeing spreading for each stroke harder than the last, and knowing she deserved them all. Soon she will be pure again, ready to serve with a light soul, a lovely mind, and a body ripe to give pleasure. It was harder than usual. Bliss and beauty. Order restored.

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