Hi. The most inspiring blog :) I am curious about something. The Girl get often punished. What are the range of minor to major infractions is she culprit of and is there a graded range of punishments to go with it?

Yes, as was posted a few months ago, there are three levels of consequences: firstly, the slavewhore is the canvas of her Owner’s sadistic cravings being forced to experience pain and humiliation. This can take any form. Second, there is disciplining. This is a way of reinforcing her awareness of rules and expected standards, and there may be minor infractions that need to be corrected. These include moderate pain and intensity level since she needs to take in what she is being told. Thirdly, she has broken a rule, been overly reckless, or lacked in respect for her Owner. These are hard, with a variety of forced submission, humiliation and pain. The aim is to touch her so hard that she never wants to go there again.

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