Thanks for posting the follow up on your travels. Also, expanding on the below, what are your rules? Any chance you can say what rule/s she has broken?

Rules on:
How and when she eats.
How she spends money on her account.
How she keeps the house tidy
Who she meets and what she is allowed to talk about.
How, when and how much she sleeps.
How she shall wake up.
What she shall dream (in progress…).
How her appearance shall be at various occasions.
How and how much she works.
How and where she travels.
How and by whom she is taken/used.
How and who she is serving.
How and when she serves her Owner.
How and when she edges.
How and when she orgasms.
How she shall behave when being punished.
How she shall greet her Owner.
Which attitude and demeanours she is allowed.
Amongst other rules…..and each rule has sub-rules….and belie that particular orders!
There are some rules the slavegirl fails to at times….then she needs to be punished. Don’t you think?

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