With all her brilliance, wit, and elegance (and Yes that is my girl) she is still just a little girl. And a whore. As all females, at the end of the day, she will need to suck up to her Man/Owner for being protected, cared for, and taken in the way she needs to be taken. From Zarathustra to “Gone with the winds”, from Nietsche to Shakespeare, the message remains the same: females need a strong pair of hands, strict rules, and severe consequences (if straying) if they shall remain calm and happy. And they need a man that is able and willing to deliver pains and pleasures in ample amounts. Females may appear vulnerable, but that is a modern myth: treated correctly, there is no limit to what they can take, and thrive from takng it. In her true colors the girl licks the underside of her Owner’s feet because she has been told to, and because it is better to lick than to be whipped unconscious. And because she likes it….when she is forced to. she is just a little girl…

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