So small and frail, fragile and vulnerable, yet so durable. When tied up, slapped, caned on the inner thighs, tormented to tears, one could expect this little creature to bulge. But in her right place, under her Owner, in training, she grows better and stronger with each and every blow. Disciplined and improved for her Owner’s pleasure, her mind rests and enjoys.

This morning. A seemingly innocent image. The slave resting on her Owner’s chest embraced by His arms. she is and feels as the safest creature in the world. Minutes before, she was taken by her Master, straight from her sleep. Tossed around to her stomach, forcibly spread, brutally penetrated and filled, all within seconds. Raped. No preparation, no hesitation, no chance, When the li’l whore is fully filled with her Owner’s cock also at other occasions she gasps for air and struggles to endure the overwhelming feeling. Like this it is hard. But she has no choice, is not allowed to protect herself, cannot escape. To the contrary, she is trained to make herself available at all times, and use her body to give her Owner maximum pleasure. she takes it as long as her Owner decides. And then, after the storm, she falls back to sleep, safe, satisfied, calm, glad she has been used and given her Owner pleasure. Silence and peace inside her head. Sweet morning.

she is a slavegirl. Property. Owned. The harsher she is kept the better, the stricter she is forced into the corner of absolute slavehood the more satisfying for her and her Owner. There is no other life for her left. The more perfectly even the vaguest of possibility of any other existence can be erased from her head, the better for her feeling of comfort, peace, and security. she is used, taken, and full-body whipped every morning. From the feet up to her breasts (face is saved for slapping), from her soles up to her shoulders. When her body is glowing and her mind set deep into slave mode, she is ready to start the day of obeying and pleasing her Owner.

With all her brilliance, wit, and elegance (and Yes that is my girl) she is still just a little girl. And a whore. As all females, at the end of the day, she will need to suck up to her Man/Owner for being protected, cared for, and taken in the way she needs to be taken. From Zarathustra to “Gone with the winds”, from Nietsche to Shakespeare, the message remains the same: females need a strong pair of hands, strict rules, and severe consequences (if straying) if they shall remain calm and happy. And they need a man that is able and willing to deliver pains and pleasures in ample amounts. Females may appear vulnerable, but that is a modern myth: treated correctly, there is no limit to what they can take, and thrive from takng it. In her true colors the girl licks the underside of her Owner’s feet because she has been told to, and because it is better to lick than to be whipped unconscious. And because she likes it….when she is forced to. she is just a little girl…

It is not always easy being slave. Nor shall it be. she is courageous, brave, and durable. Forced and guided, she can always take more than what she thinks, always walk the extra mile for her Owner, and she always finds strength in her female soul. she does because she has no choice, she is Owned, cannot escape, and must do as she is told. There is no alternative for her. And that is how it should be, simple and beautiful, but not necessarily easy.

In her place. There is never ever any place which is more important for the slave than here, bowing for, and giving worship to, her Master’s cock. Here she is safe, kept, home. This is her most protected place. Brutally forced, relentlessly trained, endlessly habituated. In her place, her mind is crafted to feel good and her soul is heralded. she is crudely and beautifully formed to be what she shall be. What her Owner demands she shall become. Step by step, deeper and deeper. Always slave. Always whore. Always Owned. At home.

she’s just a little girl, vulnerable, helpless, ready to be taken. Although safe with her Owner at all times, she must be reminded that she is just a little girl. And she must learn that without her Owner she is prey to any man that claims her. And with her Owner to any man he allows to take her. Tied to the ceiling, stretched out, opened up and helpless is a good position to cement her little-ness, her availability, and under-score how vulnerable she really is. she may be strung-up for a whipping or just to get her mind in the right place before sleeping. Or be placed to decorate her Owner’s upcoming dinner. Either way, she is delicious prey to claim…

Sometimes the little slavegirl needs to be kept really strict. she is not to be given any choice. Forced tight under her Owner’s immediate control. No chance to escape. No alternative. No space. No choice of her own. No illusion of her taking any decision or having any power at all. she exist on her Owner’s conditions and breathes only when her Owner allows it. it is good for her to feel absolutely controlled.

Every journey has to start somewhere. In the deepest sense, our started when we were born, none of us destined for any other type of life. But a more recent starting point was when the sweetest of girls looked up and met the Man’s gaze, stating shyly and bravely that “I just want to be owned”. Soon she was…