This morning. A seemingly innocent image. The slave resting on her Owner’s chest embraced by His arms. she is and feels as the safest creature in the world. Minutes before, she was taken by her Master, straight from her sleep. Tossed around to her stomach, forcibly spread, brutally penetrated and filled, all within seconds. Raped. No preparation, no hesitation, no chance, When the li’l whore is fully filled with her Owner’s cock also at other occasions she gasps for air and struggles to endure the overwhelming feeling. Like this it is hard. But she has no choice, is not allowed to protect herself, cannot escape. To the contrary, she is trained to make herself available at all times, and use her body to give her Owner maximum pleasure. she takes it as long as her Owner decides. And then, after the storm, she falls back to sleep, safe, satisfied, calm, glad she has been used and given her Owner pleasure. Silence and peace inside her head. Sweet morning.

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