A week ago the slavewhore hesitated for a second to pleasure her Owner. There were indeed impeding circumstances, but her priorities must always be kept in order. she takes care of her Owner – everything else is secondary and subject to her Owner’s permission. There shall never ever be any doubt on this. she was of course severely caned. (Even the brave li’l slave thought it was Hard this time) And now her Owner keeps her in a phase where he rapes her hard, randomly bends her over for usage, and constantly takes her without forewarning of preparation. she always learn best the harsh way…..

This morning. A seemingly innocent image. The slave resting on her Owner’s chest embraced by His arms. she is and feels as the safest creature in the world. Minutes before, she was taken by her Master, straight from her sleep. Tossed around to her stomach, forcibly spread, brutally penetrated and filled, all within seconds. Raped. No preparation, no hesitation, no chance, When the li’l whore is fully filled with her Owner’s cock also at other occasions she gasps for air and struggles to endure the overwhelming feeling. Like this it is hard. But she has no choice, is not allowed to protect herself, cannot escape. To the contrary, she is trained to make herself available at all times, and use her body to give her Owner maximum pleasure. she takes it as long as her Owner decides. And then, after the storm, she falls back to sleep, safe, satisfied, calm, glad she has been used and given her Owner pleasure. Silence and peace inside her head. Sweet morning.

As a way of impacting her subconscious – that she is Always the object for her Owner’s pleasure, and that there never is anything she can do to stop Him from using her as and when He likes – slave knows that she sometimes is raped straight out of her deep sleep. This morning, her Owner awoke before her, hard and keen. It was a good time to reinforce her sub-conscious knowledge. Also in her sleep she is available. Always. Ten seconds after this pic was taken, she is flat on her stomach, spread legs, and with her Owner’s cock filling her. He pounds her until He is satisfied. her small noises amuses Him. The day started well: it will be a good day.