At times, the cold basement, the hood, and the chains are not enough to properly subdue the li’l slavegirl. But in combination with the cane she soon becomes soft, sweet and pliable. In bad cases, the cane also fondles her bare soles….that sends the message through in a clear way and leaves her howling, gasping for air. So sweet.

As has been said elsewhere here. We responsible men have a duty to improve our girls. There are basically two, but only two, elements to this: firstly, they need to be shown/told how to behave and how they shall be formed, and they need this over and over, patiently, consistently, and clearly. Secondly, they need to be told in a way they understand it. Some would need tender persuasion, some brutal force, but most would need a mix. This one is tilting towards clear disciplining, combined with brutal punishment if slow to submit and adapt. Hard work and sweet pleasure.

It is really quite simple. she is a girl and needs to be disciplined and improved to reach her potential. It is her Owner’s duty to embetter her. When she has the wrong attitude, she is disciplined. If she behaves badly, she is punished. The worse she behaves, the harder the punishments. The punishments can be dramatic, sadistic and satisfying to her Owner, or they can be simple and matter of fact. This time, the Owner was not pleased with her: naked, handcuffed, and forced on the balcony in the crisp winter night, visible for the neighbors. Prudish as the little whore is, she soon preferred to hide behind the fence, but then suffering from the frosty balcony floor. Either way, after just a little while, she was improved, and carrying a better attitude. she learned and improved; she knows that attitude is bad for a little girl (or for a woman for that matter), and especially for a slavegirl. It is really quite simple.

The slave is afraid of pain. The slave needs the pain. When she has failed to be her Master’s perfect slave in small or large measures, she knows she has to endure pain. And when it is executed from a position of power, strongly, mercilessly, and in the way that cuts perfectly into her inner psyche….then she thrives, overtaking her fear. Then she is corrected, taught the right way, disciplined, improved, and perfected….then she is in her right place, formed by her Master to his liking…then her Master is proud of her…then time stops and crystallizes into a beautiful image of life itself…..
the slave does not get marks easily, but sometimes she really gets what she needs. Lovely.

With a pair of plier-like clamps on the outer pussylips, the slave was disciplined for misbehaving. The strength of the clamps are brutal (otherwise used for fixating glued wooden planks to each other, bought in a hardware store), but she needed more pain than the otherwise more common application of the “pliers” on the nipples or the inner thighs. “she can’t take it!” she moaned – panic close – after just a few seconds. This is a fundamentally wrong reaction from the slave for two reasons: 1. she can take more than what she thinks, always. Pain is good for her. It humbles her and helps her to her place. Her Owner enjoys her pain and she shall never try to deny her Owner His rightful pleasure. Besides, her Owner knows what she can take better than she does; and 2) It is not up to her to decide anything like this (or anything else) or to try to impact on it. her Owner keeps her safe, and for the rest He does to her what He deems she needs; for His pleasure and for her forming. The only thing the slave achieved with the little outbreak was to disappoint her Owner and to temporarily degrade herself to just another painslut with safeword and interruptable sessions.
It was a discipline-session from a distance, so technically she could have stopped the pain. But she could not. she did not. her Owner made sure she endured two full (and for her very long) minutes. Of course she could take it, in the end making her Owner proud of her. Afterwards, it was obvious that obedience and the endured pain was 1000 times better than the alternative. As always.

The slave misbehaved. Crudely. And to make matters worse, she at first resisted her disciplining. Master had to use unusually brutal force, tie her up for ten minutes in the icy cold shower, and then beat her through and through with the cane to soften her……eventually, resistance broke, slave’s madness subsided, and it all was replaced by shame, regret, and a will to do better. The better part of the night she spent naked on the floor, tied up awkwardly half-sitting, freezing, but quiet to in order to not disturb her Master. she emerged a better slave…

Nobody wants a sloppy whore. Nobody wants an undisciplined slave. The li’l slavegirl is trained in keeping her posture at all times. Some positions are used to emphasize what her Owner wants with her. Straight back and fixed gaze. Shoulders back. Breast outward. Hair well kept and falling freely. High heels to emphasize she is her Owners perfect li’l whore. Arms on her back, hand-to-elbow to emphasize vulnerability and helplessness (and not being in the way when ass is getting caned). Legs spread (of course) to show availability. And she is told to keep her perfect posture to show her dedication. Nothing is more beautiful than a disciplined slave in her right position.

The li’l whore was pussyhipped with masters black heavy belt yesterday, after a period of flu and soft treatment. Now she was well enough to be used, Master decided. She needed to be made to return to deep and hard servitude. Pussyhipped, obedience-training, discipline, enforced gratitude, forced orgasm, raped….and raped again straight out of her unconscious sleep later. she was sweet, mouldable, and as deep slave as ever. Beautiful slavegirl.

The slave had been sloppy and worked herself into a place where she needed to be disciplined. Tied tightly to a beautiful early 19th century chair, she was caned sternly while being told how to behave. Striped, reddened and screaming from the top of her lungs, she soon realized that she had to be corrected. Master and slave left the session with a conviction that the slave had been improved.