It is really quite simple. she is a girl and needs to be disciplined and improved to reach her potential. It is her Owner’s duty to embetter her. When she has the wrong attitude, she is disciplined. If she behaves badly, she is punished. The worse she behaves, the harder the punishments. The punishments can be dramatic, sadistic and satisfying to her Owner, or they can be simple and matter of fact. This time, the Owner was not pleased with her: naked, handcuffed, and forced on the balcony in the crisp winter night, visible for the neighbors. Prudish as the little whore is, she soon preferred to hide behind the fence, but then suffering from the frosty balcony floor. Either way, after just a little while, she was improved, and carrying a better attitude. she learned and improved; she knows that attitude is bad for a little girl (or for a woman for that matter), and especially for a slavegirl. It is really quite simple.

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