The Owner was out travelling again, and brought the slave with Him to serve, please, and in order to continue its training. The fact that the li’l slavewhore in spite of everything, still is prudish is a constant source of amusement. At the review of the day’s performance, and as a minor correction of unwanted behaviour, the slave was placed nude and fully visible at the balcony of the hotel room. she was told to remain still and quiet, and contemplate the day’s mistakes, while she focuses on the pain in her sensitive nipples. In the quiet moment that followed, her Owner enjoyed a glass of wine, the magnificent city-view and the perfect temperature, and of course the quiet (and well-earned) suffering of the slave. Plans were made for the subsequent more intense part of this evening’s disciplining, which you will see the fruits of in the next post (ie. Above). Right there and then, tranquility and harmony ruled.

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