How beautiful the slave is, and how lovely it is to rest the eyes on her, there is another beauty that is soul-deep and bone-crunching. Beauty is when she is open, vulnerable and entirely helpless facing her Master. Beauty is when she obeys razor-sharp, with no second thoughts or hesitation. Beauty is when she knows she will be caned but softly assumes the position where her Master can beat her in the most harsh way. Beauty is when she is sobbing only halfway through punishment, but bravely keeps her position. Beauty is when she with elegance pursues the acts and rituals she has been trained to manage. Beauty is when she kisses her Master’s feet and thanks Him for being disciplined. Beauty is when her eyes sparkle when talking on how hard she thought it was yesterday. Beauty is when she cannot orgasm without her Master’ permission. Beauty is when she proudly examines the marks and bruises she was given recently. And Beauty is when she is blindfolded, waiting for whatever her Master has in store for her. And more….that is beauty that does not go away, a beauty against which there is no protection. An addictive form of beauty.

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