Strict obedience training.
“Lay still!”
“Hands at exact right place!”
“Legs spread as wide as they go!”
The slightest failure to obey perfectly will render a schock to the nipples. Full focus on perfekt obedience. After a slap in the face, she shall hold up the face for another slap. A rough slap to the inside of the thigh shall not result in the slightest move to close the legs. No attempts to get away from the clamps. Never hide, never try to get away.
“Open mouth!”
“Lick lips like a cock-hungry whore!”
Perfect focus on obedience, doing her outmost to avoid the shock.
Nothing in the slave’s head than the attempt to obey, to follow, to be perfect in the eyes of her owner. The longer the exercise goes on, the better….perfect obedience! Perfect slave.

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