Hello again! I am curious as to your opinion on whether or not a potential sub/slave should ask for her Sir to become her master. I’ve been patiently achingly waiting, without ever making it explicitly known that I do want him to own me. I do ache to be owned by my Sir, but I also wish he would ask before I do hehe. Any advice you have would be so appreciated. Thank you.

You’re a sweet li’l girl with somewhat of a dilemma. Remain humble. You cannot (never!) tell Him what to do. If you do, you lose if He complies and if He does not. But you can – in a humble and non-demanding way – tell Him what you feel at specific moments, express your desire, and what you long for. Be careful to emphasize your appreciation every time He gets closer to what you desire. Underline when appropriate that you feel fine from more control and stricter treatment. If He is keen to move forward, He will soon raise the issue, at which you need to be at your best. If He is not keen, He isn’t….

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