The slavegirl is told to stay down, don’t move, and be ready for what to come. Owner is making preparations for the disciplining of her. she can only hear the chains rattle and feel that her Owner moves to where the canes are stored. When her Owner is ready, she still has not moved an inch.

As a tender little lamb waiting for the slaughter, the slavegirl is placed by her Owner by the bed, knowing she is waiting for something, but not for what. Has she done anything wrong? Is she to be punished? Will she be used? Will she enjoy, fear, or suffer? Either way, she waits obediently as that is the only thing she can do.Soon she will know…

Both bitches are broken and put in their place, under, subdued, forced to the floor. Beaten, raped, forced to orgasm for hours in an evening taking sharper and sharper turns….the other slave obeserving my slave being forced to cum repeatedly with brutal metal tools….my slave silently forced to watch her Owner’s cock be forced down the other slave’s throat till she passes out. Both utterly helpless under their Owners’ combined superior will. Used until there is no energy left….then still my slave is forced to lick the already spent slave to another orgasm….not for the orgasm but for the completion of the destruction of any resistance or false dignity. Then, the beautiful quiet space with the other slave resting on my chest and my slave collapsing as close as she is allowed. Spent and broken bitches, beautiful in their full submission.

Nothing is more inspiring than a little bitch handing her Owner the cane for a well deserved punishment. Trembling a little, fearing the pain, yet knowing that she will get what she deserves. Even more importantly, she knows there is no way to get away from it, and even the smallest resistance renders sharpened punishment. Neither are words articulating complaints, nor movements aiming to avoid punishment allowed. Improved li’l bitch….one beating at the time.

Owner needs to (re-)enhance the sense of Absolute Obedience with the slavegirl. Unintentionally, Owner has let this vital quality with a slavegirl fade. Property needs to be repaired, embettered, and tightly maintained, hence obedience training has resumed. After reviewing her recent humiliations yesterday, the li’l bitch was manhandled, roughed up and used. But the beauty was that she was only allowed to make sounds of pleasure; those of pain must be muted. And that witch was pleasure was made into pain in order for her to feel her place and to subordinate her pleasures to her Owner’s; fondles turned slaps; orgasms made into torture; sweet penetration made into raw pain. Whatever was done to her, she needed to comply and only letting sound of pleasure pass her lips. A sweet disciplined creature, following irrespective of her own agony hence pleasuring her Owner. Hence she – as the sweet little bitch she is – was pleased too. Owner was happy for now, for this time. Demands will rise. Obedience is key.

slave is being disciplined that she at all times must obey, serve and satisfy her Owner’s cock. There must never ever be any hesitation, resistance or second thoughts about this. her Owner’s cock is her church; the full satisfaction of her Owner is her imperative. she knows that she will be thoroughly beaten should she fail even in the slightest. she must know deep inside that disrespecting the cock will make her fall into deep anxiety, self-doubt and is not allowed to happen. This is her Owners responsibility to make sure it does not, can not, happen. It must be relentlessly hammered into the slavewhore’s mind, be made into an unalienable part of what and who she is. There is no other option, no scenario, and no life for her where this can be negotiated. This is her core purpose and shall be repeated to her over and over, week after week, year after year. It shall define her.

Strict obedience training.
“Lay still!”
“Hands at exact right place!”
“Legs spread as wide as they go!”
The slightest failure to obey perfectly will render a schock to the nipples. Full focus on perfekt obedience. After a slap in the face, she shall hold up the face for another slap. A rough slap to the inside of the thigh shall not result in the slightest move to close the legs. No attempts to get away from the clamps. Never hide, never try to get away.
“Open mouth!”
“Lick lips like a cock-hungry whore!”
Perfect focus on obedience, doing her outmost to avoid the shock.
Nothing in the slave’s head than the attempt to obey, to follow, to be perfect in the eyes of her owner. The longer the exercise goes on, the better….perfect obedience! Perfect slave.

Sometimes she needs and deserves the harsh chains, wrapped around her petite body in layers, padlocked and fastened to frames, beams and hooks. At other times she can be kept safe, restrained and trained with more subtle methods. This is a part of an obedience training where she is led around in her hood, given commands, required to obey instantly. Only when she obeys sharply and with no hesitation whatsoever the exercise is complete. Typically, she hesitates early in the exercise, scared of not seeing, but after a time falls (from trust and exhaustion) into a more perfect state of obedience. Here, slave is in place, the anal hook is inserted, tightly strung to the ceiling, forced to her highest tip-toes, being prepared for a whipping. the slave is ordered to stay still and keep her hands on her back while she is caned harshly across the front thighs. her hands never left the position, but it took some caning (and pulling in the rope controlling the anal hook) to make her endure the cane as she should: obediently standing still, taking the pre-defined number of lashes. she was then released and the exercise went on for some time.

The li’l slavewhore is trained to serve her Master’s cock first thing every morning. Every morning, Irrespective of what and where. Sometimes being brutally assaulted, sometimes with a brief and soft tongue, as her Owner prefers. Tired, hangover, stressed, sick, moody…no excuses will do. she simply knows that no day will be good if she is not allowed to take care of her Master and/or be used right after wake up. her Owner enjoys this routine highly, and she feels good from bringing her Owner pleasure. slave knows that would she fail to pleasure, the day will start miserably. Obedience, discipline, and generosity are traits that need to be even sharper carved into the soul of the little girl.

An everyday scene. The slavegirl is let out in public for the night with her Owner. Right before leaving (after being dolled up and made delicious) she is bent over the sofa and she gets a preparatory caning of a soft nature to remind her that she is slave, owned, and belongs. Although in public, out to have fun, she is to follow her Master, abide His rules, and seek His permission through subtle signals. she is manouvred through the night gently. As it were, the preparatory caning was not sufficient for her, forgetting at one crucial moment that she was owned when she took a minor but un-authorised decision on her own. her Master was glad to grant her a happy evening, but not a random exit from His authority. It rendered her later crude and cruel consequences by her not-at-all pleased Master. Sometimes the devil is in the details.