Owner needs to (re-)enhance the sense of Absolute Obedience with the slavegirl. Unintentionally, Owner has let this vital quality with a slavegirl fade. Property needs to be repaired, embettered, and tightly maintained, hence obedience training has resumed. After reviewing her recent humiliations yesterday, the li’l bitch was manhandled, roughed up and used. But the beauty was that she was only allowed to make sounds of pleasure; those of pain must be muted. And that witch was pleasure was made into pain in order for her to feel her place and to subordinate her pleasures to her Owner’s; fondles turned slaps; orgasms made into torture; sweet penetration made into raw pain. Whatever was done to her, she needed to comply and only letting sound of pleasure pass her lips. A sweet disciplined creature, following irrespective of her own agony hence pleasuring her Owner. Hence she – as the sweet little bitch she is – was pleased too. Owner was happy for now, for this time. Demands will rise. Obedience is key.

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