slave is being disciplined that she at all times must obey, serve and satisfy her Owner’s cock. There must never ever be any hesitation, resistance or second thoughts about this. her Owner’s cock is her church; the full satisfaction of her Owner is her imperative. she knows that she will be thoroughly beaten should she fail even in the slightest. she must know deep inside that disrespecting the cock will make her fall into deep anxiety, self-doubt and is not allowed to happen. This is her Owners responsibility to make sure it does not, can not, happen. It must be relentlessly hammered into the slavewhore’s mind, be made into an unalienable part of what and who she is. There is no other option, no scenario, and no life for her where this can be negotiated. This is her core purpose and shall be repeated to her over and over, week after week, year after year. It shall define her.

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