Freshly showered, recently disciplined, and just unleashed from her iron bonds, she is ready to serve. Any slave, indeed any woman, shall always appear their best and make their outmost in order to please their Man/Owner. Essentially it is not even a choice as this is the most natural act a woman can pursue. And the most beautiful. The casual observer cannot tell, but this image displays at least 5 ways the slave has been trained to serve and please. she managed this well. she pleased her Owner, and did not have to be further beaten this evening.

Most would believe – I assume – that the hick-ups in her enslavement emanated from too many and too harsh demands on the slave making her too repressed and too tormented. In fact, it was/is rather the opposite. slave needs tighter, deeper and harder. In that spirit, I Owner is looking for serious in-depth online slave training for the slave, which ideally will be pursued in parallel to, or in concert with, Owner’s regular use and everyday training. For the right trainer, I will make her available on terms with very very few limits. The girl is highly receptive to a certain form of strict and absolute slave training, including forceful mental dimensions. Full openness with Owner is requested. Please contact privately for details.

Can a woman ever assume a more beautiful position? A more natural state? On her knees, bowing her neck, serving her man, doing her outmost to please and pleasure. The place every woman should appreciate. This woman-slave has been thoroughly trained through explanation what it is aimed for, through brutal caning, and through habituation. it knows this is its place and serves anytime, anywhere, in any way its Owner demands. it knows it has no chance to choose otherwise. And just watch how the light rewards it, how it shines from within, and what a magic aura that surrounds it. This makes the slave utterly beautiful.

slave is being disciplined that she at all times must obey, serve and satisfy her Owner’s cock. There must never ever be any hesitation, resistance or second thoughts about this. her Owner’s cock is her church; the full satisfaction of her Owner is her imperative. she knows that she will be thoroughly beaten should she fail even in the slightest. she must know deep inside that disrespecting the cock will make her fall into deep anxiety, self-doubt and is not allowed to happen. This is her Owners responsibility to make sure it does not, can not, happen. It must be relentlessly hammered into the slavewhore’s mind, be made into an unalienable part of what and who she is. There is no other option, no scenario, and no life for her where this can be negotiated. This is her core purpose and shall be repeated to her over and over, week after week, year after year. It shall define her.

Every day she is made to follow her Owner to the toilet. Anytime. she can be peed on, she can be peed in, or she is simply forced to clean up her Owner’s cock after he is done. she never knows beforehand, and she must always be ready to serve. In a split second she can be grabbed by her hair and be forced to join her Owner. she is in a phase of her training where she is habituated to that her Owner does what He likes to her anytime. Although she never can resist, she must normalize it mentally, learn to enjoy it, and be proud to serve her Owner in this beautiful way. It takes repetition and consistency.

Sometimes the slave – she is after all just a little girl needing discipline and training – is exhausted from serving her Master long hours, work, lack of sleep, headache, or other circumstances (remember that she is slave 24/7/365 with no breaks). That could be an excellent opportunity to break her further, use that she is having no resistance left in her otherwise lively mind or petite body, brutally peeling yet another level of protection off her. But it could also – at rare occasions – be a reason to let her serve softly and delicately. Yesterday evening, after a long outdoor day in a chilly early autumn climate, she was plainly ordered: “Warm its Master’s cock softly with its mouth and throat”. So she did until she was told that her mission was completed. she thanked her Master for being used.

BEFORE: the slavewhore was was told to prepare dinner in high heels and a short summer dress (and of course as always without panties) in order to give her Owner some visual pleasure. she is trained to always be ready to be taken by her Owner. she may already feel that she is a gazelle trapped in the tiger’s den? There is nowhere to escape or hide…..her Owner sits down with a beer and enjoys…

AFTER: As you may have guessed….she could not be allowed to remain untouched, looking as obedient and tasty as all that, with a wet pussy waiting…she was bent over, penetrated, forced to cum (for her Owner’s enjoyment) in the midst of dinner preparation. After the storm, she is told to stay still and breathe for a minute before resuming dinner-making. Again her food came out well and was served diligently.

The everyday is important. she is not just a sexslave, not absolutely submissive only in sessions, and she never has a “break” from what she is. she is her Master’s slavewhore at all times. Cooking for her Master, nude and in pad-locked chains is a beautiful little everyday scene, keeping structure and hierarchy in the right place. And she makes good food too. And looks good eating in her corner nude.

The li’l slavewhore is trained to serve her Master’s cock first thing every morning. Every morning, Irrespective of what and where. Sometimes being brutally assaulted, sometimes with a brief and soft tongue, as her Owner prefers. Tired, hangover, stressed, sick, moody…no excuses will do. she simply knows that no day will be good if she is not allowed to take care of her Master and/or be used right after wake up. her Owner enjoys this routine highly, and she feels good from bringing her Owner pleasure. slave knows that would she fail to pleasure, the day will start miserably. Obedience, discipline, and generosity are traits that need to be even sharper carved into the soul of the little girl.