There was a job-trip for her Owner for a few days, and slave was brought along to pleasure and comfort her Owner around his tedious work schedule. It was hot too, and between work-meetings He needed to be freshened up. the slave did of course what she could to assist and what was demanded of her. When no time for a shower, she licked clean her Owner armpits so that he at any time felt fresh, comfortable and could do His job well. The slave always does what she is told. she always aims to please as well as she possibly can. there is no other option for her. she was also told to like it and she will be further trained to long for it. her Owner enjoyed her services. Small everyday episodes being important parts of the whole. The slave’s commitment and precision will be further perfected.

As the natural li’l whore she is, she grasps the opportunity….ordered by her Owner to please and to obey, she thrives and enjoys. Fighting hard to please the cock to the best of her ability, utilizing her training to the outmost. Being a most eager and obedient li’l whore, her workings are pleasuring and satisfying. the slave at her best. her Owner is proud of her.

The most beautiful act, and the core of a slave’s duties. Caring for her Master. Serving her Master’s cock in the deepest possible way. Relentlessly dedicated to her task, serving until she is done, with full focus, enjoying her natural place. Steered, guided, and coerced when necessary. Trained to deliver maximum pleasure, taking her Master whole and brave. Groomed to be utterly beautiful and elegant in her serving. The slave as art. A well done masterpiece. she shall feel the pleasure of her perfection as much as her Master does. It has taken hours of caning to perfect her, and it was worth every stroke. An epic image of the eternal woman in her perfect place.

The point with a corset is not to make her look good (although she does). The point is to make her feel she is brutally embraced by an overwhelming power. That her body is not hers but an object of desire for her Owner. That she is packaged to please. Of course it shall push her to the maximum of what she can handle as prefection goes. It is not about her, it is about serving and pleasing the eyes of her Master. As always, it is a tool to perfect her. Does she like it? It does not matter. her duty is to please and inspire.

When the slave’s thoughts are emptied and her resisance removed, the full beauty of the slave comes to the fore. When treated right, she is the loveliest of creatures, serving and obeying her Master in any and every sense of the word. When put in her place, the slave is the sweetest of things, putting her Master first, and no plight is too severe to satisfy Him. A perfect slave.

The slave is not just commanded and controlled. she is trained to think and feel correctly. she is beautifully receptive and suited to being formed to be perfect for her Master. she has successfully been trained to feel the right thoughts on serving her Master’s cock, in her own words: ‘she feels good. It feels good to serve her Master, and being used by Him. she feels she wants to be good, do it as well as possible. she feels close when she satisfies her Master.’ Master is as pleased by her serving as he is by her thinking and feeling correctly. Her conditioning continues.