Although  at times a fine line, there is a difference between Disciplining and Punishment. Disciplining is a reminder, correction, and a fine-tuning of the slave’s posture, attitude, and adherence to rules and ideals. It shall be modest in pain, but consistent, placing the slave in a hazy state of mind, with forced full attention to what is being done to her. She shall of course be vulnerable and helpless, feeling a little bit of fear. It shall be approaching the limit to what it can stand yet being perceptive what she is told, hence being able to reap the fruit of her training. Punishment is different. Punishment is a response to a clear wrongdoing by the slave, preferably defined by her Owner to depth and extension in beforehand (but not necessarily told to the slave). The slave’s fault shall be clearly pointed out beforehand and she shall be told it is not acceptable. The ordeal and the pain of the slave shall be of the magnitude that she never wants to experience it again, and therefore is convinced that she will adapt fully to the demands of her Owner. This clip is a minor part of a punishment session. Enjoy….


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