Master and slave being separated temporarily. In the midst of the day:
“Get naked”
“Yes Master”
“Get on your knees”
“Yes Master”
“Show your submission”
“Yes Master”
“Take a photo send it asap”
“Yes Master”
“Remain in position until I approved the pic”
“Yes Master”
“Good little girl!”
“Thanks Master”
The slave must be ready to show her submission at any time. her Owner has a constant craving for it. It does not matter if she is busy, or not in “the mood”, she must obey. she is raped straight from sleeping, face slapped in everyday situations, and dragged away on an instant for a disciplinary caning. her Owner thrives from the feeling of manhandling slave at anytime. And she must be prepared for it. Always being prepared for that makes her intensely beautiful. And she wants to be beautiful for her Owner. Right!?

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