The girl is a slave, trained to be a perfect whore. she is trained to spread her legs to welcome her Owner to penetrate her at anytime; she is trained to become wet and horny from brutal caning; she is trained to enjoy serving her Owner in any way fashion or style He prefers; and most importantly, she is trained to never orgasm without permission and always cum when told to. Here the little whore is subjected to orgasm training: once, twice, thrice……she is made to cum over and over…..and she is previously trained to never cum light, but always hard, deep, long, from her existential core, wrangling herself inside out for her Owner’s pleasure at every orgasm. So you may imagine the amazing pleasures and the brutal pain involved in this training session. Tied up with legs securely spread and her clit perfectly exposed, she will be pushed to her limits and beyond, forced to cum over and over again, turning orgasms into a beautiful torture. Tied up, by a sadistic Master, and no way to escape, she can only accept the pain, enjoy the pleasure, and be grateful to her Owner for being embettered. Enjoy the helplessness of the little whore, and imagine how far she can be taken….

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