The girl is a slave, trained to be a perfect whore. she is trained to spread her legs to welcome her Owner to penetrate her at anytime; she is trained to become wet and horny from brutal caning; she is trained to enjoy serving her Owner in any way fashion or style He prefers; and most importantly, she is trained to never orgasm without permission and always cum when told to. Here the little whore is subjected to orgasm training: once, twice, thrice……she is made to cum over and over…..and she is previously trained to never cum light, but always hard, deep, long, from her existential core, wrangling herself inside out for her Owner’s pleasure at every orgasm. So you may imagine the amazing pleasures and the brutal pain involved in this training session. Tied up with legs securely spread and her clit perfectly exposed, she will be pushed to her limits and beyond, forced to cum over and over again, turning orgasms into a beautiful torture. Tied up, by a sadistic Master, and no way to escape, she can only accept the pain, enjoy the pleasure, and be grateful to her Owner for being embettered. Enjoy the helplessness of the little whore, and imagine how far she can be taken….

The slave was caught with a pussy not properly kept, deviating from her Owner’s preferences., It was not shaven and not perfectly smooth. Naturally, a pussywhipping followed to give her a lesson. First she was whipped with the leatherbelt between her legs from behind while she was standing up legs apart. When she got so sore she could not stand properly, she was laid in the bed on her back with her head towards her Owner and told to keep her legs spread. Then the leather belt pussywhipping continued. Every time she flinched and moved to close her legs, extra lashes were added. she must be perfectly obedient in all situations, her Owner enjoyed Himself as her pussy got raw and she struggled at every lash to keep her legs spread wide and nice. Eventually, she had had enough of whipping, and as often when tortured, she was forced to orgasm in order to associate her torturing with pleasure. It is rare that she is allowed to cum without first being tortured and rare that she is tortured without being forced to cum. A sweet connection. Let us see if her pussy now remains smooth at all times.

BEFORE: the slavewhore was was told to prepare dinner in high heels and a short summer dress (and of course as always without panties) in order to give her Owner some visual pleasure. she is trained to always be ready to be taken by her Owner. she may already feel that she is a gazelle trapped in the tiger’s den? There is nowhere to escape or hide…..her Owner sits down with a beer and enjoys…

AFTER: As you may have guessed….she could not be allowed to remain untouched, looking as obedient and tasty as all that, with a wet pussy waiting…she was bent over, penetrated, forced to cum (for her Owner’s enjoyment) in the midst of dinner preparation. After the storm, she is told to stay still and breathe for a minute before resuming dinner-making. Again her food came out well and was served diligently.

In a session of deepening the slave’s sense of helplessness, she was tied up in one position after another and in every second position she was caned or forced to orgasm respectively. This one was special. Sitting in the bed, hands tied over her head, and legs secured in a spread position, she was fully accessible for an energetic wand. her orgasm was immense, and lasted for an impressing 1 minute and 32 seconds, overtaking her in waves, screaming, pleading, panting. Intensity was brutal and she bit her own arm in order to stand it until it had ran its course. Beautiful.