It is important to take her down now. To counter any habituation to softness, to re-instill the absolute, and to reinforce the definitive. In pace with her body returning to strength and durability, she shall be forced deeper and harder. Most of the times when she is caned she is loose and told to stay still until her Owner has beaten her properly. But now we need to move her down through layers and reinforce her helplessness. she is helped with cuffs and ropes. Standing up naked, her arms fully stretched to the sides, she is harshly caned; in fact, she panics and tries to pull free from the ropes in the most adorable way. Of course she gets nowhere and the caning goes on. After a while she resignates and lets her head fall heavily forward and takes whatever she is given. This resignation, the insight that she cannot impact the situation, the understanding that her Owner can and will do what ever He likes with her is paramount. And beautiful. she knows her place: harmony, order and satisfaction rules.

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