Congratulations to you both! I’m following your blog for quite a long time now and it has been a very interesting journey up to now. Luckily we’re living in times where women can decide freely to enter these kind of relationchips (if offered) or not. As you said you have a babygirl now, what will you teach her? That she can by anything she desires and even living her live without a man or that she needs to be guided by a man or is inferior to men? Best wishes to all the three of you, Rebecca

I (ie we) shall Show the babygirl how a woman (the slave, her mother) thrives from being led, guided and owned by a man. We will Tell her that she can be anything her heart desires, and that she must always dare to live her life fully without fear. I/we believe women are at their best being owned and belonging to a man, but we do not aim to convince the rest of the world about the righteousness of this type of life, other than through being a hard and beautiful example. Those who do not understand this can only blame themselves. But Unlike some haters here, I/we do not preach for others how they shall live their life.

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