Those of you who have followed the adventures of the slavegirl 566-813-622 knows that when she is hooded, and her pussy and anal is taped, she is in for a hard caning. And she knows it. Four omissions in one day is not good. Details, a bystander might say, but oh so important….And the li’l girls is a bit scared, jumping at the first hit….very cute. And this time her Owner made some video clips of her sweet sufferings. It may appear here in due time.

An everyday scene. The slavegirl is let out in public for the night with her Owner. Right before leaving (after being dolled up and made delicious) she is bent over the sofa and she gets a preparatory caning of a soft nature to remind her that she is slave, owned, and belongs. Although in public, out to have fun, she is to follow her Master, abide His rules, and seek His permission through subtle signals. she is manouvred through the night gently. As it were, the preparatory caning was not sufficient for her, forgetting at one crucial moment that she was owned when she took a minor but un-authorised decision on her own. her Master was glad to grant her a happy evening, but not a random exit from His authority. It rendered her later crude and cruel consequences by her not-at-all pleased Master. Sometimes the devil is in the details.

Spring has cum!
She is on her way to her first outdoors caning of the season. her hands are tied so she has to carry the sweet and cruel rattan cane in her mouth. Of course she does that dutifully and obediently since she know it is needed. she is to be caned in the midst of an open lawn. Not much people around, but maybe a few wanderers will get an interesting glimpse….

The slavegirl does not bruise easily. Not even after a severe beating. But this evening she neglected a recently established rule (which she was fully aware of) and she obviously needed a deep beating. With a lil help of a treasure chest and a 2-meter Singapore sting, rattan cane, the girl was corrected. Red. Soft. Obedient. Embettered. Trained slave, satisfied Owner. So simple….

Little slavegirl may be a handful at times. she needs to be beaten thoroughly. Some of the best results come from extensive caning. she is likely to resist, squirm, and wiggle desperately (and no doubt call her safeword if she had any!). To keep going beyond her limits, beyond her threshold, beyond what she “can” take, calms her eventually and send her into that special space she should always be in. By then she is “redder than thou”. she is sore, soft to her core, and an absolute delight.