The little slavegirl manages the blog. she is sometimes allowed to articulate her feelings on the pics her Owner has taken and selected (and sometimes not), and she may get the task of editing pics to enhance her exposure and the sentiments visible in the images. she is most importantly responsible for keeping the texts free from typos and errors. Our valued followers deserve a tidy and well-kept blog. Anytime you spot a typo, you can be sure that the slave will get a beating for it sooner or later, even for the smallest. she learns best the hard way. Lately, she has been sloppy a few times and it piled up to a hard and long beating with the cane. As you can see, blindfolded, crying as quietly as she could, her teddy bear was seriously concerned for her. If anyone sees a typo that has slipped through anywhere in the blog, let us know and the cane will be put to work. Let’s see if she will find the planted error in this text. At least she will try (if there really is any….).

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