As promised in previous post, anyone spotting typos or errors in the texts of this blog will be rewarded with a beating of the slave (who is responsible for keeping it correct). Yesterday a dear follower found an ugly, previously unseen, typo. This is not accepted and the slave knows that. The house was not empty, so she was forced into the basement, tied to a chair in order to stay still, and her mouth shut tight with duct tape. The slave was beaten with the good old plastic shoehorn, ten hard and sweet lashes for her carelessness. In addition she had been caught addressing her Owner in a whining tone, and half-failed with a task she was given during the day. So, the beating went on for a while….tied, taped and bare-bottomed she was such a lovely sight 🌹🌹. her Owner enjoyed himself for quite a while. A sore bottom and good chances that this post has no typos whatsoever were the most immediate results. Not bad at all.

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