The li’l slave think it is not fair…you have all seen “elite pain” and “Russian Spanking” where the girls get beaten and striped into a bloody mess!? The slave believes that she gets beaten harder than that but her ass does not bruise as easily and her skin does not break, hence she does not seem to produce an equally battered and beautifully beaten body. her Owner is more leaning towards “If it does not show, it did not hurt (enough)”. Either way, this time she has a lovely ass to show off. Even her Owner believes it really did hurt. Nice…

Recovering from pregnancy and birth, her Owner is gradually taking her back to previous levels of brutality. her body can now again be beaten all over without hurting the baby, and she can again be tossed around, tied, and, abused freely. her Owner is here preparing her for a perfect deepthroat by caning her to deep submission before using her. Naked, with luscious breasts, hands tied to a hook in the ceiling, she is vulnerable and defenseless, just as He likes her. she was given a regular beating over the ass, from which she was wiggling and squirming, being spoiled with softer treatment for a while. But the highlight was a dozen sharp strikes across the front of her thighs, leaving unusually deep and beautiful marks. It is lovely to dress her in her Owner’s colors and stripes. Things are getting back to normal…..

As promised in previous post, anyone spotting typos or errors in the texts of this blog will be rewarded with a beating of the slave (who is responsible for keeping it correct). Yesterday a dear follower found an ugly, previously unseen, typo. This is not accepted and the slave knows that. The house was not empty, so she was forced into the basement, tied to a chair in order to stay still, and her mouth shut tight with duct tape. The slave was beaten with the good old plastic shoehorn, ten hard and sweet lashes for her carelessness. In addition she had been caught addressing her Owner in a whining tone, and half-failed with a task she was given during the day. So, the beating went on for a while….tied, taped and bare-bottomed she was such a lovely sight 🌹🌹. her Owner enjoyed himself for quite a while. A sore bottom and good chances that this post has no typos whatsoever were the most immediate results. Not bad at all.

As was promised in the previous post, a pic and a text of her proper punishment should follow. Here it comes. There are few everyday moments that are more beautiful than the one where the slave is commanded on her knees, whereas her Owner simultaneously slides the heavy leather belt from His trousers with a well-known sound. (A leather belt rapidly pulled out from its trousers make a lovely sound!). she was given a proper work-over with the belt. The slave screamed, squirmed and moaned (perhaps even cried a little?), but she remained obediently is position – training pays off!. 😉 A lovely spice to the event was – and remember she is prudish – that she is whipped in a panoramic hotel room window clear, lights on, and several similar buildings around. Chances are high that someone in the nearby buildings were amused watching a sweet li’l slave getting what she deserved with a leather belt. Torturing her as deep as she deserves using only a belt, it must be swung with full force! So chances are that neighbors heard it too.

Below you saw the fresh and strong slave, before the beating. Here you see her exhausted and broken, after the beating. her body is crumbling and her legs are shaking, instinctively seeking the unattainable “protection” in a standing feutus position, almost hanging in her ropes. Now the waist-ass chains will be removed and she will be checked for pussy-wetness. If not wet enough she is given more whipping before she’s is raped. Perfect position: no need to re-arrange her from whipping to raping. The afternoon has just started….

The slavegirl does not bruise easily. Not even after a severe beating. But this evening she neglected a recently established rule (which she was fully aware of) and she obviously needed a deep beating. With a lil help of a treasure chest and a 2-meter Singapore sting, rattan cane, the girl was corrected. Red. Soft. Obedient. Embettered. Trained slave, satisfied Owner. So simple….