When the slave wiggles to try to avoid the cane she gets additional lashes. When she pleads for mercy, her torture is prolonged. When she tries to breathe before her Owner decides she can in the midst of a deepthroating session, she gets it deeper. When she is chained and begs for premature release, she remains in chains. The logic is crystal clear. Yesterday the slave failed to maintain her indelibly inked slave number across her pussy, hence she now has her registered slave number written with ink across her entire body, accompanied by some degrading names accurately describing her lowliness (it is a pity it is not beach season!). she shall be tattooed, marking her belonging to her Owner, and any recklessness from her side to keep herself properly marked hastens this process. the slave knows the logic of her disciplining; hence every little failure to keep herself marked is a cry for help to be permanently marked. she deserves to be helped once in a while.

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