Yesterday, as a part of her anal training, she was tied up strictly, and penetrated with a big anal dildo with powerful vibration. On low buzz she knew that she would be caned anytime, anywhere, while on the other hand, on max speed the caning stopped. her Owner moved intensity of the dildo up and down, and when it was getting lower, the little whore could feel the cane coming down on her (or fear that it would), the lower vibration, the harder the caning. After a while the clever little whore found out that she could beg really sweet for more intense vibration in her anal; if she beg really submissively the vibration went up, and caning down. Soon vibration dropped again…..and she started begging for more. Time after time. So sweet. We kept on until she was wet (and striped from her soles to her shoulders) and her Owner deemed her ready to be used.

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