This is a gross question but I’m wondering for myself… When you were practicing her for throat fucking what did you do if she ever threw up? Stop, keep going, scold her at all, or give her a break when she was just about to? …I’m curious because I try to deep throat best I can with my daddy but when I feel the need to throw up I have to pull away because I would be mortified/grossed out if I did

The Owner’s cock shall go down all the way. No barriers are accepted. It is very important for her Owner to break all resistance and be able to take anywhere He pleases, to not hold back. she has a strong gag reflex, and a tight throat, so training was (and is) sometimes hard for her, but she has made great progress! Vomiting is her problem. If she can’t stop it, she does it as discreetly as possible and returns immediately to working her Owner’s cock. Usually, her Owner has a cane in her hand while she is being trained, and if she stops working – unauthorized by her Owner – the cane start to rain down on her. If she hesitates even for a second, intensity increases. Remember that never be ashamed (and even less impeded) when doing all you possibly can to obey your Master. He commands, you obey, and if you vomit it is His responsibility to deal with it (or instruct you how to deal with it). Good luck!

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