The little slavewhore has been consistently trained to deepthroat her Owner’s cock for some time now, and she is making progress. He takes great pleasure in burying the cock entirely down her throat and to pump her throat as He does her pussy. This is a favorite fetish of her Owner, and it is of course an absolute demand on her to take it. It is not easy for her and she needs some help to succeed. Usually her Owner has the cane in hand for the immediate disciplining of her for any lack of enthusiasm. But here her Owner has improved the training methods and connected electric wires to her breasts (yes low tension, running through nipples only) in order to give her additional incentives to be a good little whore. she is repeatedly deepthroated and at any sign of resistance or attempt at avoiding full penetration, she is chocked (which she Fears). the slave focusses fully on opening up, to accept how she is used, and to be the best possible object of pleasure for her Owner. A lovely session for her Owner and an educative one for the slave. she was brave and afterwards she was forced to orgasm to show her Owner that she appreciates her education. Training continues.

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