Amazing blog, perfect slave. What are the most humiliating things you’ve made her do or done to her?

One could have guessed that forced to orgasm from a whipping publically or when given a harsh beating with the belt in front of her work colleagues should rank among the top humiliations. Or when she is only allowed to cum not using her hands, making her run around rubbing her pussy against any odd object or nice corner. Or when she leaves for a public event after having her lovely face rubbed with her Owner’s dirty cock. Tjese are fine but do not rank among the highest. These are things she is told to do, she has to do them coz her Owner tells her. If her Owner commands her it is His responsibility, not hers. But trained to routinely pee in front of her Owner does rank high. And when told to pee herself sitting in the tube was a great moment taking her deep down on the road of humiliation. Once, after not having been fully open to her Master, she was drenched in pee while clothed and then forced to clean up the residue with her mouth, while she was watched and commented, was another fine moment. More: to finger herself at a public pool, being displayed naked and cuffed at a balcony in an urban area, being smeared in her own half eaten food and left messy and greasy, or being caught at a fancy restaurant with broken and half-painted nails are also memorable moments for the slave. Thanking her Owner by kissing His feet after punishments, puking while being deepthroated…and others….sweet memories! Any suggestions on what could take her further and deeper into humiliation and humility? All suggestions will be considered.

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