I understand the slave does whatever you want whenever you want her to (and that must be great for you), but what does the slave get out of this? I don’t want to disrespect you im just trying to understand it more :)

The human psyche travels mysterious ways….
The quick answer:
Safety. Security. Belonging. Being taken cared of. Freedom from choice. Restful blanking of the mind.
(A brief beginning of) a longer answer:
The truly satisfying feeling of serving. The intriguing, paradoxical, yet sweetly addictive sense of being abused (while safe). The intoxicating sense of helplessness in being Taken, Owned and Kept. The feeling of someone caring and taking responsibility for her everyday, every hour, forever. The sexual gratification connected to pain, pleasure, brutality and vulnerability. To follow someone who demands her from the depth of a twisted soul. To be opened, unlocked, uninhibited, seen. And most importantly of all, to be genuine, following instincts and its inner voice, living the life as it was meant. But as always….people dancing will always be considered mad by those not being able to hear the music.

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