In this image, some see violence, repression, brutality, carelessness, and simple sex. Little do they know, and nothing do they understand. Others see, beauty, care, female defeat, love, primal sex, and a male taking responsibility for His owned woman. Women need and deserve this. What is there not to appreciate!?

Culled, crushed and defeated. Exhausted, yet slave remains in service as long as she is demanded. Irrespective of her state of mind, energy level, or mood, she knows deep within that her duties and tasks of satisfying her Owner is paramount and non-negotiable. At bottom – how hard it may be – she feels good being put to good use, and she thrives from not having a say in the matter.

Tied, beaten, and hooded, pressad into that perfect mental space where she is at her most beautiful, she also feels the best. slave deserves to be there in every aspect of her being, always. A place where she is totally subdued to the Male demands, rules, and desires – sophisticated or raw as they may be – and where she is used and trained to exercise good service at all times. This is the mindset where she feels safe, where her position is clear, and where there is no chance for her to exert any will of her own. This is her place.

Unfortunately, life is not always perfect. At times the slavegirl is left alone over night. Well, would she be left alone chained in the basement over night, that’d be fine. But left alone when her Owner is being on a business trip without the slave, is a nausea. she is, however, never abandoned. Here she is caught with her two best friends – the wand and the hugging bear – to console her. Notably, she is here (unusually) allowed to finger her clit (watch where her right hand is!). Moreover, the O-ring on her finger, the chain on her wrist, the slave-numbers inscripted on her breasts, and the metal-collar embracing her neck keep reminding her she is slave, Owned, and cared for. Under the pillow, she has her Owner’s dirty laundry to sniff on and snuggle with. Soon her Owner will be back and she will be chained, caned, and put in her proper place again. Never abandoned.

The slavegirl made a brief identification with her old name yesterday. That is not allowed. As a consequence she was caned relentlessly for 45 minutes, harshly reminded and educated on who she is now, and having “whore”, “slave” and “566-813-622” (her registred slave number) written all over her body with ink. she was brutally penetrated anally and forced to cum to show her appreciation of being enslaved. In front of her Owner she has no name except her number. she is slave 566-813-622. she is an owned slave. she is her Owner’s perfect little whore. And if He thinks she is particularly sweet, His little girl. No name. A slave. A whore. 566-813-622.

Look how beautifully her collar defines her. An Owned slave, slender, conquered, helplessly kept. she is her Owner’s property. The titanium collar is far stronger than her neck, and is eternally locked by her Owner. It is always with her, she is always slave, whether she likes it or not. Taken, owned, collared, trained, used, enjoyed, and (if you can read the pendant), cherished.

Tossed around. Whipped. Tied. Taken down. Broken. Helpless. Never as beautiful as when she is down as low as she can get, blank in her mind, void of resistance and empty of any other thoughts than those her Owner puts in her head. This is her place, where she thrives, and where she shall be.

As a way of impacting her subconscious – that she is Always the object for her Owner’s pleasure, and that there never is anything she can do to stop Him from using her as and when He likes – slave knows that she sometimes is raped straight out of her deep sleep. This morning, her Owner awoke before her, hard and keen. It was a good time to reinforce her sub-conscious knowledge. Also in her sleep she is available. Always. Ten seconds after this pic was taken, she is flat on her stomach, spread legs, and with her Owner’s cock filling her. He pounds her until He is satisfied. her small noises amuses Him. The day started well: it will be a good day.

The slave has a wonderful blond mane: it swirls and it glistens; it shines and it beams. It frames her petite body perfectly, it helps her be a perfect li’l whore, and when it is time for that, portrays her as an irresistible professional. It pleasures the eyes of her Owner. It would be a pity to cut it off. Recently, slave has expressed some minor, but unacceptable, wishes for distance from her Owner. she had to be marked. Of course these are pleas for the opposite; to be forced closer. Yesterday she was impregnated by her Owner. her blond mane was slowly and thoroughly washed in her Owner’s urine. Washed. Rinsed. Impregnated. It came out as beautiful as ever. the slave carries her Owner and his scent with her where she goes. And of course she keeps it until next hair wash.

If allowed, when not kept tight, in situations where her Master does not suppress her sufficiently, she may get rowdy, edgy and awkward (for herself and her Owner). When, on the other hand, she is put in her place and forced to submit hard and deep, she is magic. When whipped and humiliated in a way that she understands, her edges and sharp corners are smoothened in the most beautiful way. she falls into a soft and wholly pleasurable state of being, where light and colors flow with her, like an eternal firework in slow motion. she blends in with her Owner’s world, with no self-assertion, no protection, and with no limit to pains or humiliation. she turns into a perfect and beautiful shade and reflection of her Owners needs and desires. In her right place she is a perfect life-long property for her Owner. That is where she shall be kept.