The slave has a wonderful blond mane: it swirls and it glistens; it shines and it beams. It frames her petite body perfectly, it helps her be a perfect li’l whore, and when it is time for that, portrays her as an irresistible professional. It pleasures the eyes of her Owner. It would be a pity to cut it off. Recently, slave has expressed some minor, but unacceptable, wishes for distance from her Owner. she had to be marked. Of course these are pleas for the opposite; to be forced closer. Yesterday she was impregnated by her Owner. her blond mane was slowly and thoroughly washed in her Owner’s urine. Washed. Rinsed. Impregnated. It came out as beautiful as ever. the slave carries her Owner and his scent with her where she goes. And of course she keeps it until next hair wash.

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