Unfortunately, life is not always perfect. At times the slavegirl is left alone over night. Well, would she be left alone chained in the basement over night, that’d be fine. But left alone when her Owner is being on a business trip without the slave, is a nausea. she is, however, never abandoned. Here she is caught with her two best friends – the wand and the hugging bear – to console her. Notably, she is here (unusually) allowed to finger her clit (watch where her right hand is!). Moreover, the O-ring on her finger, the chain on her wrist, the slave-numbers inscripted on her breasts, and the metal-collar embracing her neck keep reminding her she is slave, Owned, and cared for. Under the pillow, she has her Owner’s dirty laundry to sniff on and snuggle with. Soon her Owner will be back and she will be chained, caned, and put in her proper place again. Never abandoned.

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