The slave is Owned. she cannot leave. If it ever was, it is not anymore a question of consent. she is locked up in mind, life, and body to make sure she cannot leave, escape, or disappear. One further step onto this path is that she shall have her registered slave number tattooed on her (and it is long overdue). The question is where it feels the most, yet allows her to occasionally move around at work and in other social contexts? This one is beautiful but too easy to hide, and not enough in the face of the slave herself. The best answer to where is of course the obvious one……

As a sequel to a previously appreciated post – with the slave chained to the bed, and as a response to the wise comment by “hiscunt” that slavegirl should have been chained on the floor if she’d been naughty – a variation on her disciplining is displayed here. On a night out, she was less than respectful to her Owner, and unacceptably inattentive to His demands. she was disciplined and as a way of re-thinking her behaviour, she was chained to the floor, beside the bed and remained there cold, naked, and miserable for a part of the night.

A born princess, quite often the slavegirl needs to be reminded that she is inferior to men and to her Master. she needs discipline, training and to be formed by her Master. she is an Owned slave. she is trained to serve, please, and to make her Master’s life as pleasant as possible. she is below. Under. Lower. Helpless. Serving. Under her Master’s working table, washing and massaging her Master’s feet – disturbing Him as little as possible – while He is doing important work is a good place for her to be. Here, her hands are as soft as her mind is sweet. A place perfect for her. she continues until otherwise instructed. Under. Serving. Pleasing.

Rewarded for being sweet and submissive, and as a reminder of the slave’s ultimate inability to escape, she received a titanium collar with a pendulum with her slave number on it. It is lockable and impossible for anyone to unlock without the master key. Unbreakable, un-unlockable, inescapable. And we all know who controls the master key! It suits her!

Once in a while the girl needs to be reminded the hard way that she is a slavegirl. To recap the basics. The slave cannot expect the luxuries of this world, not even the small pleasures. They all have to be earned. her basics are: chained in a stone cellar, naked, cold, a hood covering her head, helpless, vulnerable, and whipped whenever Master finds it appropriate. And used. she was reminded. Long time. As always when treatment are harsher, she came out beautifully.

The slave is real. she is a registred slave with a beautiful number. As a proper slavegirl she has her owner’s numbers inscribed on her body at all times: the full number across her thighs and between her breasts, and my loving nickname on her – “566” – above her lovely pussy. This is who she is.