I was curious. Is your slave a masochist or the type of submissive who isnt at all a masochist but enjoys their Masters sadism? If that makes sense. I hate pain but my Master is a sadist and I enjoy it so much. He says he prefers a slave not masochistic because he knows the submission is for his satisfaction alone.

Indeed it makes sense. What a beautiful and insightful question! It it is well phrased and reflects the slave girl’s mindset very well: The girl fears pain and can hardly endure it at times, but she loves the satisfaction of her Owner more than she suffers from her own pain. Lucky for her, since she does not have the luxury to chose anyway…. The girl’s ultimate desire is to become exact that which her Owner wants her to be. And that is immensely beautiful in her Owner’s eyes, worthy passion and commitment.

hello, was natural birth? if yes, tell us the limitations of her pussy after childbirth? =)

Yes it was natural and a few weeks after birth slave’s pussy was as good as new (and before that her anal and mouth could be freely used of course). This is not a problem at all: the two most natural things for a woman is to give birth and to make her pussy squeeze the cum out of her Man’s cock. Follow nature and most things fall into place.

I have a question. I am a submissive and my master lives in a different state. Everything we’ve done so far has been over Skype. Anyways we are planning to meet in person and play in person but I’m nervous becuase I’m a virgin and very inexperienced. But I want to be good for him and I want to do something to suprise him. My question is what could I do to suprise and please him? I really need ideas

Hard to know your dynamics, but the most beautiful things for many Doms are the subs absolute obedience and unconditional devotion. Surprises may imply a feeling of (temporary) loss of control and as such not always the best “gift” for a Dom. Be open and prepared to go anywhere He takes you. Enjoy your total loss of control and the privilege of being allowed to become emerged in His. Good luck!

It is something special with keeping your slave in irons. It is definitive, non-negotiable and durable. Nobody else but the Owner/key holder can free the slave. And the arms locked on her back makes her exposed, helpless, vulnerable and accessible. Hence beautiful. Or as in this case, ready for disciplining, warming the soul of her Owner.

The slavegirl is told to stay down, don’t move, and be ready for what to come. Owner is making preparations for the disciplining of her. she can only hear the chains rattle and feel that her Owner moves to where the canes are stored. When her Owner is ready, she still has not moved an inch.

Trained and culled, exhausted and aching, the slavegirl obeys and serves. she follows her orders selflessly and always provides the highest pleasure she possibly can for her Owner (and other Men her Owner allows her to pleasure). her pleasure is secondary to her Owner’s. she works tirelessly. As a good little girl should.

Freshly showered, recently disciplined, and just unleashed from her iron bonds, she is ready to serve. Any slave, indeed any woman, shall always appear their best and make their outmost in order to please their Man/Owner. Essentially it is not even a choice as this is the most natural act a woman can pursue. And the most beautiful. The casual observer cannot tell, but this image displays at least 5 ways the slave has been trained to serve and please. she managed this well. she pleased her Owner, and did not have to be further beaten this evening.

Seems abusive. Can we hear from the woman in your life to make sure she is safe. Other wise authorities can easily be involved

Woman in question here. I can assure you Sir (?) that there is no need to be worried about my safety. As a woman I have a strong need of being put in my place, being fully controlled, guided and led, and I guess what you would call abused. I think most women have these needs, some just trying to hide them or dismiss them more than others. I have a constant need of going even further down, into a deeper and harder place. Maybe you know some authorities that can help with that?