Although romantic love is neither the core, nor the fuel for an Owner-slave relation it may very well have its place in an asymmetric, hierarchical and specific way. A slave being dependent on, vulnerable before, and lovingly adoring her Owner is the preferred emotions with slave. Affection and care, commitment, and lustfilled fascination for slave is the Owner’s feelings; like a beautiful piece of art He has proudly created (and being constantly intrigued by improving it). And which female cannot be manipulated by flowers…twisted yet another lap.

All women should get trained, habituated, and made to appreciate it. It is beautiful, intimate, and a strict reminder of respective hierarchy and status. The little slavegirl takes her Owner’s golden shower and tries to swallow as much as possible. It is a lovely act and gives her Owner a simple and sweet, yet hard, pleasure every time. A divine moment.

As a tender little lamb waiting for the slaughter, the slavegirl is placed by her Owner by the bed, knowing she is waiting for something, but not for what. Has she done anything wrong? Is she to be punished? Will she be used? Will she enjoy, fear, or suffer? Either way, she waits obediently as that is the only thing she can do.Soon she will know…

Online training can be very useful for an obedient and committed slavegirl. Here, in front of a computer, directed by a trainer, slave is obeying each and every command. The slave is improved with the help of facial slaps, nipple pinching, and brutal hairbrush pussy-beating. Owner is assisting or simply enjoying the view of His tormented slave. Harsh and intensive punishment combined with enforced horniness and – if the slave has been really obedient and suffered deeply – orgasms. Orgasms are typically demanded, and ripped out of her. Pain is eventually transformed into a feeling of exhaustion and satisfaction. The slavegirl is made a little bit better again.

The slavegirl is of course trained to suck any cock to perfection. But the bitch is under renewed training, and training is never concluded. The cock shall all the way down and be fondled according to instructions. This requires consistent training and reinvigorated enthusiasm. Halfway compromises are not an option. Training goes on.

The most natural position in the world for a woman/girl: over the knees of her Owner, being told how good/bad she has been, awaiting discipline. Sometimes a light skin-smacking, and sometimes a flesh-thumping harsh palm. Either way it is deserved if Owner says so, and very natural.

A sturdy leather belt is a lovely device for a number of reasons. Pulling it out of your pants in front of your slave is a sweet measure. It is very convenient to beat your slave with since it is always at hand and has a considerable impact. And It can quickly be transformed into an efficient tool for strangulation and control. A slave should notice that most men wear leather belts and associate correctly at all times.

Culled, crushed and defeated. Exhausted, yet slave remains in service as long as she is demanded. Irrespective of her state of mind, energy level, or mood, she knows deep within that her duties and tasks of satisfying her Owner is paramount and non-negotiable. At bottom – how hard it may be – she feels good being put to good use, and she thrives from not having a say in the matter.

A slavegirl is at her best when used. That is when she has a purpose in life. When her Owner demands her, and she complies wholly and fully, she carries meaning. And the more used she is, the more purpose she has. When she has been used well, and is being beautifully subdued, she collapses safely in her Owner’s lap under His supervision. she gathers energy for her next tasks.