The poor little creature is having a cold and her bedtime was coming. Yet she was too restless to go sleep. her Owner decided that time could just as well be used to further her anal training. Since this is difficult for her, she was first caned to be properly taken down, lubed up and having a dildo inserted. However, yesterday she was weak. At this point she turned squirmish, wiggling her ass, impeding full and easy access to her anal, bordering to resistance. Unacceptable of course. Dildo was forcefully inserted, followed by a severe caning to punish her embryo of resistance. While usually advancing slowly in order to safely adjust her princessely and tender anal to her Owner’s demands, this consideration she had not deserved this time. Rough dildo-anal pumping followed. Being the sweet Owner, after all, her clit was rubbed to force her to enjoy her training. Suffering badly from the brutal anal-penetration, she was nevertheless (or just because) soon ready to orgasm if allowed. she was now bravely overcoming her previous weakness and being a brave anal whore. she was allowed to cum while still being brutalized. Beautifully, she kept coming in an ever-lasting simply-not-ending and inhumanely painful orgasm continuing as long as her Owner pumped her. she finally collapsed from exhaustion, her systems blanking out, having lost feeling in hands and feet. Beautifully turned into a sobbing and shaking mess, she was seeking protection from the painful orgasming in a featus position. Conclusions: Pain and pleasure makes miracles in combination. Anal training is advancing according to plan. Resistance was crushed. Anal orgasms are the most intensive. slave knows better than to resist. Owner was pleased. Fully trained she will be a perfect anal whore. Soon her cold will be over and training intensified.

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