Both bitches are broken and put in their place, under, subdued, forced to the floor. Beaten, raped, forced to orgasm for hours in an evening taking sharper and sharper turns….the other slave obeserving my slave being forced to cum repeatedly with brutal metal tools….my slave silently forced to watch her Owner’s cock be forced down the other slave’s throat till she passes out. Both utterly helpless under their Owners’ combined superior will. Used until there is no energy left….then still my slave is forced to lick the already spent slave to another orgasm….not for the orgasm but for the completion of the destruction of any resistance or false dignity. Then, the beautiful quiet space with the other slave resting on my chest and my slave collapsing as close as she is allowed. Spent and broken bitches, beautiful in their full submission.

The poor little creature is having a cold and her bedtime was coming. Yet she was too restless to go sleep. her Owner decided that time could just as well be used to further her anal training. Since this is difficult for her, she was first caned to be properly taken down, lubed up and having a dildo inserted. However, yesterday she was weak. At this point she turned squirmish, wiggling her ass, impeding full and easy access to her anal, bordering to resistance. Unacceptable of course. Dildo was forcefully inserted, followed by a severe caning to punish her embryo of resistance. While usually advancing slowly in order to safely adjust her princessely and tender anal to her Owner’s demands, this consideration she had not deserved this time. Rough dildo-anal pumping followed. Being the sweet Owner, after all, her clit was rubbed to force her to enjoy her training. Suffering badly from the brutal anal-penetration, she was nevertheless (or just because) soon ready to orgasm if allowed. she was now bravely overcoming her previous weakness and being a brave anal whore. she was allowed to cum while still being brutalized. Beautifully, she kept coming in an ever-lasting simply-not-ending and inhumanely painful orgasm continuing as long as her Owner pumped her. she finally collapsed from exhaustion, her systems blanking out, having lost feeling in hands and feet. Beautifully turned into a sobbing and shaking mess, she was seeking protection from the painful orgasming in a featus position. Conclusions: Pain and pleasure makes miracles in combination. Anal training is advancing according to plan. Resistance was crushed. Anal orgasms are the most intensive. slave knows better than to resist. Owner was pleased. Fully trained she will be a perfect anal whore. Soon her cold will be over and training intensified.

The little whore was ordered and given the chance to earn some money for her Owner. she failed to do that and she knew she would be facing consequences. If her Owner did not have any use for her to pull in some money, He certainly would have His fun in other ways…..she was placed naked and spread on a wand and told that she would be caned until she orgasmed. her Owner was kind enough to bring out her favorite rattan and started to working on her. Some rapid 300 lashes later she was close to cuming. Of course she was denied to cum for a while as the caning continued. On the brink, brutally caned, denied cuming, helpless and belittled….can a slave be in a better place? Spoiled the little creature is. Eventually she was allowed and the caning intensified right through a long and hard orgasm. Then there was peace…she did not bring any dew to her Owner, but certainly put a big sadistic smile on His face and a beautiful peace in His soul.

The li’l whore is trained to cum for her Master on command. she had a horny day. She was allowed to cum on command but not using her hands to do so (mustn’t spoil her!). She was humping the cosy chair and its arms rest twice. she came beautifully when she should! Deep and hard. More training tomorrow!

The slave is to always attend Master’s cook with her first waken thought and her first conscious action every morning. Any failure on this account ruins the day for the li’l slave. she is now trained well and follows without exceptions. Although being good, it is nevertheless always good for the slave to get whipped first thing in the morning. That starts the day the right way, helping slave on the right path. Here: 400 lashes, and a well-earned orgasm later she is ready to take on the day with the right felling in body and soul. (The photos from the morning session did not turn out well, so it had to be repeated in the evening. In the name of authenticity, 400 new lashes were dished out, and another orgasm forced upon her. Nice eve too, after a good day with the right feeling).

The slave girl is trained to get horny by being whipped. Either when she is crudely bent over, given a ruthless, cruel and deep round with a cane from a position of absolute authority, and where her pain is unbearable and her body marked. Or by a long, soft, gradually growing well aimed caning/whipping where the right body parts are warmed up as we go along. In time this, too, gets a bit hard on her. Today, she was forced to cum close to orgasm with the wand, and then trained to stay close during a round of semi-soft whipping. Back and forth between wand-whipping-wand…. 1, 2, 3, 4 times and more….her owner was not satisfied until she kept her state of arousal right on the edge all through the whipping. she was a good girl with a reddened ass and was eventually allowed to cum twice.