In this image, some see violence, repression, brutality, carelessness, and simple sex. Little do they know, and nothing do they understand. Others see, beauty, care, female defeat, love, primal sex, and a male taking responsibility for His owned woman. Women need and deserve this. What is there not to appreciate!?

are you ever going to get rid of the mother of your child, or is she with you for life?

I Own her in a consensual non-consent relation. she is with me for life, I do not Want to change that, and she Cannot alter that. If I’d truly believe that she and I would benefit from it, she may be loaned out temporarily or trained in-house/online, but that would only be to/by someone I could trust deeply and beneath my Ownership. So, no, I am not looking to get rid of her. Not ever.

Has anyone ever questioned the jewelry? Are you open with what it’s for or do you keep this part of your life private? ~A

Some have asked, but if you do not get hang up about it, it is not all that difficult, even answering prople that have no understanding of this lifestyle.
– Why she wears crude jewelry?
– We like the strict esthetics of it

– Why she wears metal bracelets?
– My way of showing that I care, symbolizing the strength of our relation.

– What kind of ring is that?
– One that shows she belongs to me.

Etc. Strict, pure, strong, authentic (even cute). No compromises or lies necessary.

Except for practicalities such as slave caring for household duties or to be made accessible for usage, one can not keep one’s slave in chains too much or too often. Chains are absolute, unbreakable, and strict. Cold at first, but warming up from slave’s body heat over time, just as slave gets used to them, becoming increasingly comfortable with them. Chains are caring, safe and protecting. slave shall learn to feel Owner’s presence through the chains. slave shall learn to feel that chains keep her in check. she shall learn to appreciate that Owner likes to have her chained up in a variety of ways, all securing her in her place.

It’s all about power and control. Take her clothes off, secure her hands on her back, and put a blindfold on her. To beat and rape a slave girl for pleasure or pure sadistic cravings – sweet as it is – can anyone do. But to transfer her into a mood where her resistance is lowered and her socially acquired protection mechanisms are eliminated – into a mood where she can’t anymore hold her primal femaleness in check – is a more delicate process. Make her vulnerable and raw (naked), helpless and secured (handcuffed), and unable to anticipate what is to be done with her as well as unable to hinder that which the Owner has decided shall be done with her (blindfolded) is a good start. Add then a bit of pain to drug her with adrenalin and endorfin and she is receptacle. This will make it possible to force free the deep primal instincts which exist in any woman, and which are her core beauty. Call out the female-creature in her and nurture it. The more you free her from learned social inhibitions and false ideological aspirations burdening the modern woman, the happier she will get. And the more satisfying for the Owner.

What more metal is planned for her?

A slave should, in order to be properly dressed, have a lockable stiff metal collar on at all times. Chains were permanently secured around her wrists, which was beautiful but turned impractical since slave’s is still allowed to work and have certain social contacts (and due to icy temperatures in this part of the world). This needs to find a new solution. A metal chastity belt would be really nice, but will have to wait a while. Eventually a wedding ring will be added to the collection of metal on her body….

It was a special day for Owner and slave. The little girl was a doll all day, cute, sexy and pleasant. Of course it takes a toll being uber-sweet a full day and by night she crashed in the sofa before she was used. Owner with His big heart decided to postpone the planned rape of her to another day.

How does one know they are truly a slave at heart?

All women have a slave inside them, some are easier to break open than others. Most would thrive from being enslaved by and under their Man, which after all is the natural and historical order. So, the question is rather how to break them in, rather than if they are suitable. Unfortunately, in modern society, the means at our disposal are limited, so some women being too enmeshed in our tiny geographical and temporal parenthesis of societal evolution are not worth the trouble. Their loss.