The li’l slavewhore is in a phase of anal training. she shall be of ultimate use for her Owner. It is not easy for this princess-slave (which of course raises her Owner’s satisfaction doing it to her), but He highly enjoys raping her anally on a regular basis, hence she shall be prepared to take that without hesitation or any form of resistance. she shall at anytime willingly open her anal for her Owner’s pleasure; her own possible discomfort does not matter. This has been thoroughly beaten into her, now wearing a bouquet of colorful marks on her body. But demands on her for her training are higher than so: to rape her anally is easy, but she shall learn to get horny from it, enjoy it, and lust for it. she knows that it gives her Owner exquisite pleasure, therefore she will learn to need more of it. For a long time now, the horny li’l whore has only been allowed to cum when she is anally trained. For now, when being caned, bound, or otherwise played with, she must edge/will be edged and cum close, but not orgasm. Anal stimulation is needed for her orgasms. In addition to softening and habituating her with anal plug training, slave is regularly tied up in various positions, edged and anally penetrated. Finally, when anal penetration reaches maximum depth and intensity, she is allowed to cum, and required to cum hard. Predictably, the anal penetration magnifies depth and longevity of the li’l whore’s orgasms to a magic level. So far, her Owner is pleased with her training and her response. Training is still in progress.

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