Taken without having a chance to resist. Made a slave with no chance of ever returning. Impregnated as a result of her Owner’s desire and decision. Giving birth to a baby daughter because her Owner saw her worthy and capable. Delivery through 24 hours of harsh pain with no painkillers, intoxication or sedation. The final two hours of consistent excruciating pain to the maximum intensity of what any human can take. All because her Owner made her. And then peace, satisfaction, pride, joy, happiness. A woman turned slave, just given her Owner a beautiful child. Taken through pain that would break a regular woman, in a way that nature have decided women shall, but which most women nowadays not would have dared and even fewer would have endured. Raw, pure, naked, hard, true, honest, merciless, beautiful. And the result is perfect. And in a reflection of the experience, just a few days later, despite (or because) the bone-breaking pain, the slavegirl felt an urge to return to the process of delivery, pain, perfection and purity. Life as its essence. A slavegirl at its must beautiful.

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