Once the baby comes, how will you get your slave back in shape. How will she lose the baby weight?

The slavegirl’s Owner does not like overweight women, and He enjoys His property in good physical shape. So that is how she will be. Before pregnancy she had a maximum tolerated weight of 54 kg (119 ibs). If she exceeded this her diet was restricted and she was harshly caned when she was controlled every Sunday. During pregnancy she has had a healthy maximum gaining weight-schedule to follow: she has on the whole followed this, but has been caned at the weekly control a few times. Last week she was one oz above and was awarded a proper caning. Same for post-birth: she will be on a healthy schedule to lose weight, have her food intake controlled, forced to exercise when needed, and be thoroughly punished when failing. she will have gained some 18 (39 ibs) kg during pregnancy. she will lose approx 6 kg (13 ibs) at birth and right after. For the ensuing 3-months she will lose another 6 kg. Nine months after birth she will be trimmed back to perfect 54. All done under a healthy diet, nice exercise habits, and with brutal punishments on a needs-basis. It will be great fun!

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