She is still a human being and should have the ability to walk away. Regardless of how well your dom/sub relationship works. It is still at the end of the day, two people. And yes. People can consent to anything they desire, but that is the whole point of consent – it is free will. And that shouldn’t be allowed to be taken away. People change, relationships change, goals change. It can end. And that should be okay. She may be your slut, but she is not your property. She is a human with free will

It is a pity Anon is Anon when he/she has such clear and amazing idea on how all people shall live their life’s, and where the boundaries go for the possible. He/she should come forward, take a lead, and make people do what he/she says, irrespective of whether they like that or not. Clearly it would be better if people’s will should be replaced with Anons dictates. People’s desires, wishes, and wills shall be taken away and Anon’s will should prevail irrespective of what they feel. Although they at the end of the day are humans and adults, that does not matter…..but wait! Howcome Anon who preaches “free will” wants to dictate lifestyles from above, not asking or knowing anything, subduing others desires and needs? Is “free will” just free as long as it fits Anon’s preconceived ideas? Is it possibly so that Anon lives in a small bubble with minuscule insights into the depth, beauty and fantastic fireworks of life at its fullest. Perhaps Anon is narrow and ignorant, wanting to refuse others the beauty he/she is not able or bold enough to experiences him/herself? I correct myself: we are lucky that Anon stays Anon (and as always, there is a reason why someone is Anon). Sad.

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