The li’l slavewhore always wants to please her Owner. That makes her feel good and safe. But sometimes her thoughts are rowdy and she gets lost in her universe, forgets her priorities, reasserts her (not-allowed) ego, and gets confused in her mind. her Owner enjoys that she feels good, and has the lovely duty to adjust her thoughts to the correct ones. she gets locked in a dark hood (that she cannot escape on her own), physically disciplined, and forced to re-focus on her Owner’s priorities for her: how to Follow His Rules perfectly, how to Please her Owner as she has been trained, and how to Appear before her Owner in the most gracious way possible. Here, in a disciplining session, she is caned with a rattan for up to 400 light-to-medium strokes. The pain turns soon into a benign haze where her Owner’s mantra is echoing in her head, squeezing out confused thoughts and eliminating all possibilities of resistance. she is trained to remain still throughout the disciplining, and to make sure she is perfectly available for the cane; if she falters on this (as for a moment in the clip), extra strokes are added. (When harshly Punished she may be helped by ropes fixating her in the preferred position). The slave improves from the cane, and Thanks her Owner for being cared for. If this post gets 100 notes within a week, we will show a proper punishment session soon.

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