Dear followers and others

Since there has been a number of particular requests, some of you may share a tiny feeling that the slavegirl gets away too easy at times. A sense that her inner princess thrives, and her disobedience is not once for all crushed? That may be so. To allow you to see for yourself and to satisfy the itch you may harbor in this regard, her Owner prepared two video clips: one of an everyday disciplining, and one of a slightly harder-than-usual punishment (the best rattan cane you can buy was crumbling….). she appears about to break and she is lovely. Here comes the twist: however we do, the clip appears on the Tumblr-blog as a dead clip, not showing in spite of us following Tumblr-instructions. Does anyone know what may be the trouble? They are shot from iPhone 6, they are short, and we have tried to upload from various mobiles and computers. Pls advice so you all can see the slavegirl being tortured.

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