Prepared for a night out according to her Owner’s instructions. Barbie-pretty and whorishly sexy. Six-inch heels, stay-ups, shaven pussy, the long blonde hair smoothly cascading on her back, and a brief black dress not reaching halfway to her knees. As always, she wears her locked titan-collar around her neck and her metal chains around wrists and ankles. More importantly, today, she starts to wear a padlocked chastity belt, securing her pussy and anal. It is harshly strapped around her waist, the chain pressing in between her pussylips, and demandingly rubbing the clit at any body movement, before it is brutally pulled in between her ass cheeks and fastened at the waist at the back. She is a horny bitch, naturally flirting and teasing men, but tonight she did not even have to try to get the attention. Horniness was radiating around her, but being angelically incapable of doing anything about it other than enjoying the chain massaging her clit, pleasing her Owner, and wish to be rewarded for good behaviour at some point. she was glowing from submission and obedience. It was a nice night out. her Owner was proud and pleased, keeping the only key to the belt in His pocket. she was good all night, and once home, chain was removed for a while. she was rewarded with being fucked like a bitch in heat in the street with no regard to her pleasure whatsoever. she came long, deep and hard! After asking permission. Good girl.

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